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Yves Leccia... a story of passion

Born into a family of winegrowers...

Son, grandson, great-grandson of a winegrower, it is quite natural that Yves chose this path, although he decided to study.

When he obtained his diploma in oenology in 1980, Yves had to choose between returning to Corsica to work with his father or travelling the world...

He made the militant choice to return to the Island of Beauty, convinced that he would participate in its development.

He will put a lot of energy into developing the family estate while actively participating in the revival of the Corsican wine industry.

He was soon to become General Secretary of the Syndicat des Vins de Pays, then President of the Intersyndicale des AOC de Corse (now GIAC), President of the CIVC, while being administrator of the CIVAM (Centre Viticole de Recherche).

Today he is still President of UVA Corse and President of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Wine.

At the same time, with a few other winegrowers, he is at the origin of the recognition of Corsican wines, notably in the Parisian bistronomy and elsewhere...

At the same time, he participated in the Réacquistu (the reappropriation of Corsica's traditional cultural heritage) as a member of the singing group A Filetta, which made polyphony known in Corsica and far beyond.

Yves participated in the production of the first albums, then reluctantly had to stop his singing activity in 1989, forced to choose to devote himself fully to his profession, especially as A Filetta became a few years later a professional group that toured the world.

In 2004, while he had been thinking about it for some time, he left the family estate to found the Yves Leccia estate with his wife Sandrine, who comes from Alsace winegrowing.

From 8 hectares at the beginning (6 ha on E Croce and 2 ha on Partinelone), a restructuring programme based in particular on the reintroduction of old grape varieties brought the surface area to 15 ha today (9 ha in all on Partinelone.

From its creation, and by choice, the Domaine Yves LECCIA will develop 2 ranges:

  • The AOC PATRIMONIO of course in the 3 colours, as well as the Muscat AOC CAP CORSE.

  • But also a range of Vins de Pays, the Cuvée YL, which allows Yves to give free rein to blends outside the strict framework of the AOC appellation.

In 2011, Yves and Sandrine released their first Cuvée Patrimoniale "Biancu Gentile", which has now become "L'Altru Biancu", and which will be followed a little later by O Bà! and Biancu Marinu.

Lieu dit Morta Piana
20232 Poggio d'Oletta, Corsica

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