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Yves Leccia, Winegrower

A story of passion

Son, grandson, great-grandson of a winegrower, it is quite natural that Yves chose this path, although he decided to study.

When he obtained his diploma in oenology in 1980, Yves had to choose between returning to Corsica to work with his father or travelling the world...

He made the militant choice to return to the Island of Beauty, convinced that he would participate in its development.

He will put a lot of energy into developing the family estate while actively participating in the revival of the Corsican wine industry.

He was soon to become General Secretary of the Syndicat des Vins de Pays, then President of the Intersyndicale des AOC de Corse (now GIAC), President of the CIVC, while being administrator of the CIVAM (Centre Viticole de Recherche).

Today he is still President of UVA Corse and President of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Wine.

Latest news

An immersion in the heart of our winemaking process
Published on29 November 2018
Wondering what happens in the cellar after the harvest? The journey of a bunch of Patrimonio grapes begins as soon as the sorting phase is over (rot, disease, leaves...). It is at this point that our ripe grapes undergo their slow transformation and Yves takes on his winemaker's hat. White &a...
« Era Ora ! » : our first wood-aged wine!
Published on08 October 2018
A new creation has been added to our range of reds. "Era Ora !", literally "it's about time" in Corsican, marks a great first for the estate. The idea had already been brewing for a few years. We really wanted to see what wood could bring to the classic maturation of our Patrimonio and, above all...
Silence, it grows in Partinelone!
Published on01 August 2018
In May, we began replanting black Grenache on our magnificent clay-limestone plot of Partinelone in Patrimonio, a grape variety that is highly appreciated for its high tolerance of water stress and its specific aromatic qualities. Known here as the Corsican Alicante or Elegante, Grenache (meani...
Biancu Marinu: our new heritage wine is unveiled
Published on23 May 2018
Passion: this is the driving force behind our daily work. Passion for our vines, our heritage, our unique terroir... Each wine is guided by the desire to express the uniqueness of our island wealth by exploring new paths and seeking new blends. It is from this desire that the Patrimoniale range ...
Yves Leccia in Organic Agriculture, yes we did !
Published on15 January 2018
What pride and recognition! As you know, our vineyard has been engaged for three years in a transition commonly called "conversion to organic". Today, we are very happy to announce that our vineyard is officially certified organic by the Ecocert label. This certification does not change the wa...
The beginnings of the 2017 vintage
Published on02 November 2017
The question is on everyone's lips... "What will the 2017 vintage be like?". So, I'll take some time to answer you and give you my vision of this somewhat special vintage! When I say "special", I am thinking in particular of the very dry weather that worried us throughout the spring and summer.&...
Having an organic garden is not rocket science! Did you know that?
Published on21 April 2017
It's no surprise that at the estate we respect our environment and all that nature offers us. In the vineyards and everywhere around! Our vegetable garden is no exception to the rule. Last year, we shared with you the growth of our fruit and vegetables and the harvest. This year, we are sharing s...
« O Bà ! » : The new vintage to discover at the estate!
Published on12 April 2017
My roots are deeply rooted here, in Corsica. I like to express my attachment to this island through my work and each of my wines. In 2017, I decided to officially launch my tribute vintage. A double tribute, to my island and to my father, Pierre-Joseph. I'll tell you all about the estate's new wi...
Wine through the pages
Published on20 February 2017
During the winter months it is always a pleasure to sink into a nice soft armchair, cover yourself with a blanket and open a beautiful book. All this by the fire to bring a little warmth to our hearts. It is while thinking of such moments that we wanted to make a selection of books dedicated to t...
How & why I decided to grow old vines
Published on15 February 2017
As you probably already know, I am deeply attached to my heritage; I try every day to preserve it and to make it live in time. It was certainly against a background of nostalgia that I made the somewhat bold decision a few years ago to diversify the estate's production by reintroducing old grape ...

Lieu dit Morta Piana
20232 Poggio d'Oletta, Corsica

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