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Silence, it grows in Partinelone!

Written by Yves Leccia in 

In May, we began replanting black Grenache on our magnificent clay-limestone plot of Partinelone in Patrimonio, a grape variety that is highly appreciated for its high tolerance of water stress and its specific aromatic qualities. Known here as the Corsican Alicante or Elegante, Grenache (meaning black Grenache, as there are white and grey Grenache) is one of the great grape varieties of the Mediterranean. Originally from Spain, Grenache is the main grape variety used in Corsican wines, except for the appellations of Ajaccio and Patrimonio. But first of all, the ground must be prepared!

For this, a long work of replanting our old vines was carried out a year ago with the help of large ploughs which went very deep into the earth to turn over the soil and remove the stones. We prepared a drain to facilitate the draining of stagnant water and levelled the soil to homogenise it and facilitate the tracing of the terrain.

While waiting for the fine days of this spring, and therefore the end of the vegetative rest, the land was left uncultivated after the uprooting to favour aeration and the microbial life of the soil.

At Yves Leccia we prefer to plant our vines by hand rather than by machine, to avoid soil compaction. The team of vineyard workers who have been with us for years therefore work in the traditional way. As you can see from the photos, we mark out the planting, which consists of marking the location of each vine in a regular and straight line. Then the roots of each plant are buried in a hole dug to leave only the part coated with wax for 2 to 3 cm. This wax serves to protect the vine against disease and cold.

In a while we will see the first shoots growing above this wax. And finally, the shiny, smooth and rounded leaves that are so recognisable for this variety! The vine will live for thirty to fifty years.

A perfect companion to our native grape varieties such as minustellu or niellucciu, Grenache noir brings greed, generosity and roundness to the palate. It will thus accompany our Patrimonio red (10%), YL Ile de beauté red (80%) and our autochthonous cuvée Obà (25%). But for our very young vines to produce a quality harvest and to be blended in the next cuvées that you will taste, you will have to wait 4 or 5 years... so be patient!

Preparation work, the team in place!

Planting our precious vines

Our young vines are ready to grow!

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