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« Era Ora ! » : our first wood-aged wine!


Written by Yves Leccia, published in 

A new creation has been added to our range of reds. "Era Ora !", literally "it's about time" in Corsican, marks a great first for the estate. The idea had already been brewing for a few years. We really wanted to see what wood could bring to the classic maturation of our Patrimonio and, above all, to help you discover a new facet of our wines. However, the project of such a cuvée has been postponed for a long time... a shame, when you know that "Leccia" means "oak" in Corsican!

This is the time it took to obtain a perfect balance that preserves the expression of Niellucciu, the emblematic grape variety of our island. This balance was found with the very sunny vintage of 2014. A vintage that has all the attributes to be cellared for fifteen years.

"Era Ora ! "... the fourth red wine of the house

Composed of 90% Niellucciu and 10% Grenache, Era Ora! joins the AOC range, born from the selection of the most beautiful plots of vines of E Croce in Patrimonio and completes a selection of 3 other reds.

Among these reds, YL has that greediness revealed by the grenache. Obà ! has the roundness brought by the Minustellu. As for Era Ora!, we find the same very structured palate, full of red fruits and spices as with Patrimonio e Croce. They come from the same plots and the same blend. Era Ora! is truly different from its predecessor in that it is aged for 18 months in 500L barrels.

The choice was made to use old oak barrels. The tannins are thus refined and the wine gains in fatness and complexity while preserving the fruit. This ageing gives it finer tannins and notes of liquorice. This wine is ideal with a fine rib of beef, duck with sweet spices or even truffles.

With Era Ora! it is also a way of anticipating the future. One day perhaps the wood ageing will be included in the specifications of the AOC Patrimonio. So no doubt we will offer her a little sister. This will be the opportunity to try new experiments in barrels... but for the time being we will have to enlarge the cellar!

Lieu dit Morta Piana
20232 Poggio d'Oletta, Corsica

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