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Yves Leccia in Organic Agriculture, yes we did !


Written by Yves Leccia, published in 

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What pride and recognition! As you know, our vineyard has been engaged for three years in a transition commonly called "conversion to organic". Today, we are very happy to announce that our vineyard is officially certified organic by the Ecocert label.

This certification does not change the way we work. Since the creation of the vineyard in 2004, our vines have always been cultivated in a traditional way, respecting the soil and nature. This label is above all an important guarantee for you who buy our products. Indeed, this certification on our bottles attests to the fact that our wines are produced using viticultural practices that respect the terroir and the environment, without fertilisers or pesticides.

And if you are confused by all the organic wine terminology. We'll help you make the difference!

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Sustainable agriculture (Terra Vitis) : Independent and historical label certified by the Terra Vitis association of winegrowers. The winegrower undertakes to make intelligent use of inputs and to limit the impact of his agricultural activity on the environment, transparency is essential!


High Environmental Value (HEV) : This is level 3 of a state label set up by the Ministry following the Grenelle de l'Environnement in 2012. It recognises farms committed to good environmental practices. It certifies that the winegrower takes into account all the natural areas present on his farm and promotes biodiversity (presence of agro-ecological infrastructures such as hedges, copses, etc.).

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Organic or bio wine (AB) : an official quality label, the famous AB label that we have obtained. It bans synthetic products (pesticides, chemical fertilisers) from the cultivation of the vine. It is important to know that organic wines are even more organic since 2012. Before, only the grapes were certified organic. From now on, the wine-making process also meets strict specifications such as the use of organic raw materials (sugar, yeast, etc.) or the lowering of maximum doses of sulphites. Two labels coexist and are often put side by side: the AB label of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Eurofeuille, the organic label of the European Union.


Biodynamic wine : These are certified organic wines, but with a spiritual approach, a way of life and agriculture in osmosis with nature. It is a balance of the vine with its close and distant environment (influence of the stars). It consists of rehabilitating and intensifying the organic life within the vineyard. Demeter is the best known label because it concerns all types of products, Biodyvin is specific to wine.


Natural wine : There are no official regulations, but members of the Association des Vins Naturels (AVN) and Vins S.A.I.N.S (without any inputs or sulphites) are committed to respecting a set of specifications for wines without added sulphites. As sulphur is essential for stabilising wines, the absence of added sulphites requires irreproachable conditions for the vinification and conservation of wines.

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20232 Poggio d'Oletta, Corsica

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