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« O Bà ! » : The new vintage to discover at the estate!


Written by Yves Leccia, published in 

My roots are deeply rooted here, in Corsica. I like to express my attachment to this island through my work and each of my wines. In 2017, I decided to officially launch my tribute vintage. A double tribute, to my island and to my father, Pierre-Joseph. I'll tell you all about the estate's new wine: this IGP Île de beauté that I chose to name "O Bà! "

« O Bà ! » during a tasting at Georges Five, Lyon. 

A few years ago, on the unique terroir of Partinelone, I decided to plant a local grape variety that we had somewhat "forgotten": minustellu. Today, this grape variety that my father cultivated, allows me to create my tribute cuvée, "O Bà ! ". A blend, in equal parts, of minustellu, niellucciu and grenache. The IGP Île de Beauté is added to the "Cépages Autochtones" range in which you will also find "L'Altru Biancu", my 100% biancu gentile wine. 

The complete "Cépages Autochtones" range. 

I pay particular attention to the different varieties that make up "O Bà! "They are all from organically grown vines. Then I vinify them separately before blending them in the winter. My aim was to precisely transcribe the specificity of each of the grape varieties used. Thus, the nielluciu gives structure, the minustellu brings roundness and the grenache, fruit. None of them should dominate. I am satisfied with this very first vintage (2015); it is balanced, with beautiful notes of spices and ripe red fruit. "O Bà! "has all the attributes of a vintage that can age and be cellared for a few years. If I can give you a little advice for tasting... It will be perfect with a roasted sesame crusted can or crispy sweetbreads.

This cuvée, in addition to being a tribute to my native Corsica, is a tribute to my father, Pierre-Joseph, who was also a winemaker. He passed on to me his passion for the work of the vine, his know-how, his precision and his will to succeed. These values have been carried on by all the generations that have succeeded me. Every day, it is this state of mind that guides me in my work, encouraging me to go further and further in my mastery, particularly of indigenous grape varieties.

My father and his iconic cap. 

If I had to sum it up in a few words... This new cuvée, which you can now taste at the estate and in our partner wine shops and restaurants, is a personal tribute. A tribute that carries the colours of my island right down to its name, "O Bà! " which means "daddy" in Corsican. 

Lieu dit Morta Piana
20232 Poggio d'Oletta, Corsica

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