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UVA Corsica, 9 March 2015


Written by Yves Leccia, published in 

We will be at the UVA CORSICA tasting, at the Loft Bastille, 6 cité de la Roquette in Paris, on March 9th from 11am to 7pm.

UVA CORSICA is an association of winegrowers, but above all it is a working philosophy where the key words are respect for the land, a return to traditional Corsican grape varieties, and an ever-increasing search for the quality and typicality of Corsican wines. These are the only guarantees of our survival in this globalised world.

The grouping was born out of a reaction of self-love against the ambient laxity of the 1970s. The brand image of Corsican wines was not the best.

The first operations consisted of presenting the wines in Paris, in various professional shows, meeting the restaurant owners and the various establishments of the brasserie or wine bar type. For 21 years now, UVA CORSICA has been present on the Parisian market. The association has carried out militant actions with the setting up of cost prices, the creation of a union bottle, a common stand at the agriculture fair...

The motto of the association is "The vine is the wine before the money and Let's remain free men".

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