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Why start an organic farming certification process?


Written by Yves Leccia, published in 

In 2017, many news are to come at the domain. Amongst these, the organic certification which will allow us to display this commitment, notably on the label of our wines. For 3 years now the estate has been engaged in a transition commonly called "organic conversion". Although in reality I have always respected and advocated organic farming practices that respect our terroirs. So why ask for this certification only now? 

Until now, we didn't see much interest in being certified: for us, respecting the earth and its environment is the basis of a winemaker's work! Today, Sandrine and I have decided to apply for certification for the estate because we want to reassure our customers who are concerned about responsible consumption. Being able to put the AB (organic farming) logo on our bottles is a commitment to our customers and a guarantee that the wine they are tasting comes from an organic farming vineyard, which prohibits the use of synthetic fertilisers or phytosanitary products. However, this certification, which we should obtain in 2017, will not change my way of working. Since the creation of the estate in 2004, my vines have been cultivated in this way: they flourish in a natural setting and without chemicals!

In concrete terms, what does being AB certified entail? It means agreeing to submit to the controls of a state-certified organisation that inspects our production system several times a year, from the vine to the labelling, including cultivation practices and wine-making. For example, we are subject to sampling in our vineyards to check that we do not use products prohibited by the organic farming charter.

Finally, this AB certification is increasingly in demand on export markets, particularly in the United States. If we want to continue to develop our sales on this market, this step is essential. After obtaining the European certification we will have to submit our wines to an additional control to be recognised as organic in the United States. Indeed, you may not be aware that there is no full equivalence between Europe and the United States for organic wines.

We'll keep you posted on the progress of the process and, we promise, we'll toast (to organic wine and, above all, to respect for our beautiful planet) when we are officially certified!


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