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Patrimionio: the 2016 vintage will be balanced!


Written by Yves Leccia, published in 

At Poggio d'Oletta, the 2016 harvest is slowly coming to an end after 20 days of harvesting spread over a month. Although I still have a good month of intensive work left in the cellar, I'm taking the time to look back on this key stage of our profession, the opportunity to take stock of the future vintage.

This year, we drew our secateurs relatively early, starting the harvest on 30 August. It was still very hot; we only harvested in the morning so as not to have to vinify grapes that were too hot. Around 15 September, my team of 12 pickers were able to take a breather thanks to a few rainy days that prevented us from harvesting. The rain was nevertheless beneficial; it brought about a drop in temperature, which allowed us to "unblock" certain parcels that had stagnated in their ripening because of the excessive heat.

I don't usually compare vintages because for me each year offers a different and unique wine. But to give you an idea, I would say that 2016 will be close to 2014. And if you had to remember only one thing about the 2016 vintage? It will be balanced! I can even say that it will be a good vintage: the wines will be on the fruit with a nice acidity. We can't wait to let you taste it... but for the moment we have to do a lot of work in the cellar.

All in all, another very intense month...

Yves Leccia

Lieu dit Morta Piana
20232 Poggio d'Oletta, Corsica

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