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The recipe for autumn!


Written by Yves Leccia, published in 

This Thursday marks the first day of autumn, and it's time for us to share our back-to-school recipe. Autumn vegetables are back on the shelves and announce a season full of sweetness and greed. Here is our proposal to accompany our red Patrimonio. 

The product: the cep. Slightly nutty and low in calories, this mushroom, which is only eaten cooked, is one of the first of the season.

The recipe: Sliced venison with ceps  

Ingredients (4 people)

  • 500g of sliced venison cut with a knife
  • 300g porcini mushrooms cut into quarters
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • 1 chopped shallot, 20g butter, 0.5dl white wine
  • 1 dl of game stock
  • 2 dl of cream


  • Lightly flour the meat
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan and quickly sear the minced meat. When it is coloured, salt and drain in a colander. (Keep the juice).
  • Roast the porcini quarters and drain.
  • Put a knob of butter in the pan and the chopped shallot, deglaze with the wine, add the game stock, the cream and the meat juice
  • Leave to cook and pour over the meat and the ceps

The wine

AOC Patrimonio 2013 red, from the Yves Leccia estate

This cuvée, composed of 90% Nielluciu (Corsican grape variety) and 10% Grenache, comes from vines located on the unique terroir of E Croce in the AOC Patrimonio. This gourmet and well-structured wine is full of red fruit aromas and a few spices that will give this recipe a boost.

Enjoy your meal!

© Photo Stéphane Decotterd 

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